Flora Sculpture Series


Flora Series Ceramic Sculpture

A series of sculptures inspired by flowers. I started creating these works in 2005, and the series still heavily influence my work today.

The Birth of the Flora Series

I started the Flora Series shortly after a trip to Death Valley in California.

During this trip back in 2005 Death Valley was experiencing a “Super Bloom.” Witnessing a Super Bloom was incredibly empowering and inspired a series of works that still influences my work today. 

The first piece of the series which was one of my more literal works from the series was a sculpture modeled after a dead, hollow log with a larger-than-life flower growing through a crack in the log.

At this time, my wife, Katie, was pregnant with our first son. So it was a chance for me to create a series about life and growth.

  • Life from Death

    2006 33 x 16 x 49 in. Ceramic and aluminum, Extruded, wheel-thrown, altered and assembled, multifired to cone 6 and 019.

A New Beggining

The next pieces of the series became a launching pad of exploration and spontaneity.

 Similar to the work that I created for my graduate thesis, the process was free and reactive to each step before. With the idea of a flower, I created forms on the wheel, enough to fill up a large table. I then would collect forms, and cut them up, and build a sculptural flower. The finished pieces were abstract and solely based on the idea of life, growth, and a flower. Many of the pieces directly below demonstrate this idea.

Much more to come

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