Announcing Our Last Holiday Pottery Sale in Redlands, CA

211 Church St., Redlands, California

When: Saturday and Sunday

December 10th and 11th 2011
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

We welcome you to attend our very last Annual Holiday Pottery Sale in Redlands, California. We are moving to Portland Oregon. We have way too many pots and sculpture to move to Oregon. So that means it’s a MOVING SALE with DEALS, DEALS, and more DEALS! 

In addition to our pottery sale we will be having a raffle and a silent auction. Here are some of the details.

Buy 25$ worth of pottery and you will automatically have a chance to win one of my sculptures or fountains in the raffle. 

Participate in the Silent Auction and you will have a chance to bid for my finest sculpture. Some works will have no minimum bid, so be prepared to own one.

Click here for event info

I know many of our friends here in Redlands will just be learning this for the first time and we certainly would have liked to tell everyone in person. Well I guess I don’t know exactly what to say so just come and see us, and enjoy what we have created while living here in Redlands over the last 12 years.

You can follow my Artist Page on Facebook. Andy Clift – Ceramic Artist

Matiilija Poppy Bud Plate On Sale now for $125.00 at the Art-A-Fair in Laguna Beach.

This is an example of my latest endeavor, hand-built porcelain serving plates. Each plate is completely unique. Typically I brush a porcelain slip in a pattern on each surface. The piece is then bisque fired and then glazed and fired again.

Additionally, I place a ceramic decal on each piece. The decals are created from my photography. Backgrounds are removed, and alterations to the photograph are done in Photoshop and then they are printed using ceramic pigments. The decal is fired on to the surface and becomes part of the glaze making the plates fully functional. 

Andy Clift’s Art-A-Fair Booth B33 

Set-up for Premier Night on June 22, 2011, Lets see how the booth evolves over the next 2 months.

See Andy Clift’s work here from June 24th – August 28th See more event details

This is link to my artist page on the Art-A-Fair Website. Please take a look!