Rebuilding Website in Progress

Thanks for visiting my site. I have recently decided to rebuild the websites I created and maintained for quite some time. The first rebuild was That site has been updated with a more modern look and the latest tech which makes it run more smoothly. There is still much work to do on it to get all the content back up on it.

Next is this site. My site used to run on Tumblr, now, I moved it to WordPress like the rest of my websites. The old site was more or less a blog with some of my portfolio on it. Now, this site will be updated with an extensive creative portfolio of all the important creative projects, that I have worked on during my adult life. It will be challenging and in many ways, it might be like writing an autobiography.

In some areas of this site, you will see that it is a work in progress. This update will take some time so please be patient. I am mainly focused on getting my Ceramics portfolio on here, and will try to get much of that up before the end of 2022.

Check back soon to see the progress.

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